Fun & Positive Rally and Agility Classes!

Latest Dog Training News 2016

  • We’ve teamed up with The Dog Den and have reduced classes to Rally and Agility training. Great indoor facility for our specialty classes!


  • New classes for January 2016 are forming now! We will have a new round of Agility and Rally-Obedience. Class schedule and availability coming soon.


  • Looking for an Advanced Rally class? Let The Dog Den know, we need 3 teams to hold a class! Visit The Dog Den’s website and fill out the Training Request form to let them know you’re interested.


Our Mission

It is our goal to help build outstanding relationships between families and their dog(s) through positive reinforcement based methods. Education is very important to us and our trainers are always seeking new information to keep our clients up-to-date on the latest dog training techniques.

Ubeat Treat strives to provide a custom training course to each student during group classes. We do our very best to accommodate everyone and their own unique learning styles, while maintaining a group class environment. Teamwork is a major focus of our training courses. Human to canine teamwork is very important, but just as important is the human to human teamwork. Our training classes create an environment where everyone encourages each other, small and major accomplishments made by each dog/handler team are celebrated by the entire group.

Why should you train your dog?

Here at Upbeat Treat we believe that dog training should go beyond puppy and basic pet manners. It’s common knowledge that puppies need training classes, and people purchasing a new dog, be it from a breeder or a shelter, are usually thinking about attending a training class of some sort. After graduating from puppy class many people do not continue on. They may feel their puppy has learned everything and is performing very well in classes and at home. The problem with this is that most of your “puppy problems” occur during adolescence, usually 6 months to 2 years of age. Puppy is no longer small, and is really starting to discover the world. The puppy that faithfully followed you everywhere you went off-leash is suddenly chasing after squirrels, not responding to their recall cues, pulling badly on walks and just generally being a nuisance. Unfortunately for most dogs, this sort of behavior often leads to more time in the backyard alone, less time on walks, less time being introduced to new things, and creating lots of anxiety for the poor pup.

Group Sit-Stays at an obedience trial

Keeping your dog enrolled in training classes for the first year of ownership can greatly reduce the amount of “problems” you encounter down the road. If you are in contact with your dog trainer during this key phase in your dogs’ life, you are more likely to mention a problem that will be corrected before it turns into a major issue.

Newly adopted adult dogs should also attend at least a years worth of training classes. Research has shown that most dogs being returned to shelters by their owners had little to no formal training and were surrendered largely due to common, correctable problems like house-soiling and destructive behaviors.

So, why should you train your dog? Because you will end up with a companion who is a joy to have around, is well balanced with proper mental and physical activity, and you will help ensure that your dog will be with you for the rest of their life.

A commitment to rescue

Upbeat Treat is a firm believer rescues, and the work that they do. Renee has been involved with the MidAmerica Border Collie Rescue since 2004 and continues to play an active role within the group. Renee has held an at large and secretary board positions, but now is an active volunteer who fosters and attends large events.